Saturday, 20 November 2010

something in the way she moves

for my art project, i've been doing a bit of sewing & textiles work this week. i quite like it actually, i've been thinking about doing textiles at uni for a while now (although that may not happen with the rising tuition fees, curse you cameron!) & it sounds silly, but i never actually realise how much i love fabrics & sewing until i get back to doing it again.
the photographs aren't fantastic quality, but here they are;
materials; assorted fabric scraps, an old tablecloth, black felt, embroidery thread, beads & film strips.

the original photograph (which i took)

materials; assorted fabric scraps, white & brown felt, pink satin, watercolour & acrylic paints, embroidery thread & an old tablecloth.

the original photograph, which i haven't quite emulated but i am really pleased with my version (:

i don't know if anyone likes reading about my arty exploits, but i do quite like keeping my own record of them on here.
ps, is anyone as pissed off as me about beatles week on xfactor? urgh, sorry but it really does anger me when talent show contestants sing those kind of songs without having any attachment or respect for the artist. especially as simon cowell organised the whole hideous affair.
if you like my arty business, you can also enter my giveaway for a necklace here, which would be lovely.


  1. wow I really love those pictures with the fabrics, so good!

  2. I keep forgetting how great of an artist you are! Keep posting your lovelyness :)

  3. Wow these are incredible! Really really lovely, I wish I was as skilled with the needle! I especially love the one with the girl and the flowers, are these made to be framed or hung on a wall? Either way they are gorgeous, perhaps you could even sell them on Etsy?

  4. Oh God! I really really really love them! Especially the first one! Go on girl! You are talented!

  5. Wow, you are doing a really great job with those. :)

  6. Fantastic! So lovely art!


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