Thursday, 25 November 2010

life worth living

evening all.
i was going to show you something i bought a while ago today for summer (which amused my very immature & silly sense of humour as today was pretty much the epitome of winter) but i seem to have left my camera at my dad's house which is really annoying. i may walk there in one of my frees tomorrow & fetch it as i'd quite like to take some pictures on friday & saturday night - i'm going to see harry potter with my friends, and then on saturday an acquaintance of mine is having her 18th birthday party at the local pub. i know, i know, i've suddenly turned into a bit of a social whirlwind! who would have thought it.
this is going to be such a terrible post, i really do apologise.
it snowed quite heavily today (well, heavily for england in november) so obviously everybody was in high spirits & our school closed early. i had a really funny walk home with two of my friends today as we managed to walk home literally right in the middle of the blizzard, oh well. snow is redic. before we left school though i had a really awesome english lesson where we talked about music & christmas, as you do. my english teacher's favourite band is the sex pistols apparently, how cool is she?!
sorry, i bet i'm boring you now!
i will leave you with a picture of me right after i got my hair cut, a look which i have sadly never managed to recreate.
ps, i was going to edit out my pyjama-clad ass from the edge of this photo, but then i decided it amused me quite a bit. oh dear, i think i have just been in a silly mood all day.


  1. I love your hair! I wish I had the balls to cut mine off.

  2. I like your new hair! It seems so vintage! Thanks for your comment... If you make your dreams come true, inform me... ;)


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