Tuesday, 2 November 2010

these are just ghosts that broke my heart before i met you

happy belated hallowe'en!
to celebrate this year, a group of us went to my friend alix's house for a costume party & some of us stayed over afterwards. i went as a ghost, original i know, although i am regretting it now as i had so many good ideas i could've used, & most people were really dressed up compared to me! i thought about going as alex the large from a clockwork orange, david bowie, morrissey, twiggy or mel from flight of the conchords. but being a ghost was easier i'm afraid.
(although i have been thinking of having a flight of the conchords themed party for my birthday)

i didn't take any ~formal outfit pictures because, well, i just didn't but i think this one captures the ghostlyness rather well. i had talcum powder literally plastered all over my face to make myself look even paler than i already do, although i kept laughing so much (it was a funny night guys) that i pretty much wiped it totally off!
dress - ebay, lace shorts - ebay, pink/white tights - topshop, necklace - h&m kids, lace hairbow - grainger market.
raving it up, as ever. we invented a couple of cool new dances, which i was of course performing inbetween pogoing to vv brown.
funniest photograph ever.
it really was an awesome night, & i'm starting to love parties much more than i ever did before. i mean, i still feel a bit weird because i'm generally the only sober one there (i don't drink because of health problems) but this time i felt rather in place. also, i'm starting to feel that not drinking isn't something i have to feel bad or ashamed for any more, because people actually are really understanding which is so lovely. i had some pretty fun times at this party, including running around making sure all the drunkards had some bread, being called mum & obsessively collecting empty bottles (:


  1. i'm glad you're friends understand that you can't drink! it must be frustrating for you being the only sober one though!

  2. White lace white place white lace!
    Love it.

    " running around making sure all the drunkards had some bread" - SUCH a mum job =p

  3. We need you to be the sober one babe!!! Just look at the mess being drunk gets you in ;) x

  4. GURRL. you are BY FAR the most fashionable ghost I have EVER SEEN. Beats a white sheet any day!

    Glad you had fun!


  5. Love your little white lace dress!
    I personally just don't like to drink anymore as it brings out the devil in me and wish my friends were more understanding like yours are :)


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