Monday, 30 April 2012

Courtney Love meets Grayson Perry

The title basically sums up how I think my outfit looks today! Courtney Love circa 1994 meets Grayson Perry, transvestite modern artist/ceramicist, with a little bit of pastel saturated teen witch thrown in for good measure.
I don't usually dress along a theme, and I did this kind of by accident, but I really do like getting dressed in that way. Something about creating a character or a mood or an emotion makes me feel better about myself, or an outfit. I didn't mean to do that today (it came to me when I saw the full outfit in the mirror), but I did intentionally dress in pastels this morning - it was the final deadline for my pastels themed Textiles project and I wanted to match my sketchbook. Totes lame, IKR.
This dress is actually a nightie I bought from a charity shop at the weekend for £2.50. Nighties as dresses is fast becoming my new favourite thing, the night before I bought this I was actually looking at vintage nightwear on ebay and grumbling over expensive postage prices so I feel really lucky now!
Grayson Perry in one of his more flamboyant outfits, and Courtney Love at Reading Festival in 1994 (I think).
Of course, the Meadham Kirchhoff Courtney doubles.
~*Teen (pastel) witch vibes*~
More teen witch vibes with this, one of my favourite necklaces that I definitely need to wear more. It's Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz, but everyone always thinks it's Barbie. I only just noticed when I uploaded this pictures how perfectly this fits the theme of my outfit, I swear I didn't even realise until now!
The cute button detail on the back. I tried wearing it the other way round at first so this was at the front (mainly because the dress had no labels and I thought that was the front), but there's kind of a gaping hole just below the buttons so it didn't really hang right.
dress - charity shop, cardigan - charity shop, belt - vintage, pearl necklace - gift, good witch necklace - affleck's palace, tights & socks (not seen) - topshop.


  1. Pretty dress! I love the colour x

  2. LOVE your necklace! :) x

  3. Perfect outfit! So much love for Grayson Perry. x

  4. gorgeous! love all the pastel colours:) x

  5. £2.50 O_O! You lucky duck you! These photos are dreamy <3 you look beautiful.

    ps Glinda is a babe! You are such a cool cat.

  6. This outfit is so dreamy! I love that belt <3

  7. Now, that's the kind of necklace I need. Even unintentional courtney love vibes are amazing, and I think it's perfectly acceptable to match your skecthbook, it needs to happen more often, I reckon.

  8. Oh my gosh, I cannot get over how unbelievably perfect this outfit is! I'm so envious of your dress and necklace! xxx


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