Sunday, 22 April 2012

Paper dolls

My pretty paper parcels have finally arrived!
I bought these lovely Marie Antoinette and Alice in Wonderland paper doll books from Retro and Ruby's Paper Things last month, and I am so excited that they are finally in my little hands! The postage was a little delayed so she sent me the Red Queen book to make up for it!
Each book has the most beautiful illustrations of the character, and six lovely outfits. The books are so tiny too!

I found the shop when I was searching Etsy for all things to do with Marie Antoinette for my Textiles project, and I am so pleased I did! This little book is so pretty, and has lovely illustrations of significant costumes from the film. I am going to photocopy it (because the original is too precious to stick in!) and put it in my sketchbook as inspiration!

The Red Queen book is so beautiful too, I love that I kind of have the Alice in Wonderland set!
My next set of posts will probably be scheduled ones as I intend to work all the hours of the day (although, let's face it, I won't) until my Textiles deadline - which is Monday, eek! Anyway, these are three of my final pieces in mid-construction. I have made five brooches, three cuffs and these are the three necklace pieces! Everything is princess pleated and dyed by hand. I also have three collars to make, which are going to take so long as two of them involve an awful lot of embroidery! Wish me luck.

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