Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ice cream colours

Hello! It has been a little while since my last post, and I am sorry! I'm a bit in over my head with my Textiles work at the moment and I'm still waiting for a couple of parcels to arrive that I can post about (starting to get rather impatient I must admit!) Anyway, this is just a little post about some of the work I have been doing.
My project title is Marie Antoinette, and I've been working on a few fashion illustrations to put alongside my design development work. I quite like drawings these stylised hairdos! I have also done another one (quite like this picture), and I left them all without faces, as my Textiles teacher said they looked better that way!
(Edit: the images are a little blurry because I had to reduce the file size so they could be uploaded on here, sorry!)
I've been doing a little amateur (and I mean very amateur) editing on Photoshop to change the hair colour, and this was one of the in between stages.
Sea blue & grass green

Candyfloss pink & lilac.
Turquoise & lemon.
Sorry for such a short post today! I do have some quite exciting news though. My friend and I sent in application form for the TV show Pointless back in February as a bit of a laugh, and we got a phonecall the other day asking us to go for an audition next Friday! So excited it's slightly ridiculous.


  1. lovely drawings! good luck with pointless, that would be so much fun x

  2. Gorgeous drawings and fingers crossed for Pointless - it's a great show x

  3. I love all of the colours, so bold! And Marie Antoinette is such an amazing project title, I can think of so many ideas just floating around in my head and its not even my project <3


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