Wednesday, 6 July 2011

quirky, quirkier, quirkiest.

oops, can't believe i haven't posted in nearly two weeks, sorry about that! i've had a pretty bad infection for about a week and a half now, which has been really painful, so i've not really been in the mood for posting. the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics which made me unbelievably nauseous, but i've been given some different ones & am now feeling much bette, thank god.
last friday was my school's leavers' ball, which was a really lovely night (despite the fact i was majorly drugged up on nurofen painkillers). the meal we had was really funny, & i actually ended up getting an award, totally unexpected! i didn't take many pictures, but to be honest it was really nice to just be there & enjoy the night. there were a few professional photos taken, i especially can't wait to see the awkwardness of me standing alone on the stairs!
charlotte, birkbeck, kate, me, beth & cathryn. my posture is kind of awful in this picture.
i didn't really get any proper ~outfit pictures~ but i did post some detail photos of my dress when i first bought it here.
i didn't like the main course we were given (fussy eater alert), so i made it into a face. cue troll face expression & obnoxious pose. maturity, this is what it looks like.
my friend also joined in my display of arty maturity & made the world's easiest maze out of mange tout.
my face!!1! any resemblance to that green-haired batman villain is completely unintentional.
me, birkbeck & harriet. shiny face alert under all the flashing lights.
alix, kate, me & cathryn. awkward leaning & me becoming a meerkat.
this is me collecting my reward, tearing up slightly. i'm actually not too sure what the award was even for, although i'm pretty sure the phrase "unique sense of style" was mentioned! i was so, so surprised to be given an award, & i got a little bit emotional walking to collect it, it's just so weird/nice to think that people (especially real life people who i never thought cared) like the way i dress and want to tell me so in award form! also, they mentioned the fact that i have a blog in the speech, it was so unbelievably weird to hear it said by someone else, especially as i didn't even think anyone knew i had one!
okay, so that paragraph was a complete mess, sorry if that was ridiculously difficult to understand/follow/read.
my award! i think this means i am officially the quirkiest person in my year, yay!
i'm going to paris on monday with my mum (can't believe it's arrived so fast!), so i'll probably post before i go & maybe schedule one for while i'm away (:


  1. Hope you feel better soon! you quirky person, you! Have a lovely time en Paris :] x

  2. I love love love what you wore xo

  3. Congratulations on receiving that award, I think it's lovely that your school recognises your fabulous sense of style :)


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