Tuesday, 26 July 2011

jewellery shop launch

hello! as you may have guessed from the post title, i have finally launched my online jewellery shop! i'm really excited about it, the whole build up has been pretty intense & a little stressful so it's nice to finally have the etsy up & running!
i have been deliberating long & hard over the name for my jewellery shop, & i eventually decided on strawberry fields jewellery last week. partly inspired by the beatles' song, but also by the place itself which is beautiful while being completely chaotic. i like to think of my jewellery as being quirky, original and cute & i am constantly on the look out on ebay & in charity shops for interesting vintage & recycled items to use in my designs. most of the things i make are completely unique as the materials i use are often one-offs themselves. i also like to think that the prices are reasonable & not overly expensive, as that is one thing that i find disheartening about some independent jewellery stores. as far as i am concerned, the prices match the craftswomanship & originality behind the jewellery - and i hope you agree! (:
i'm going to create some kind of button to go at the side of my page to directly link to the site (which may take a while as i am useless with all kinds of computer graphicsy business), but for now i'm just going to bombard you with links!
i've put photos of all the stock up on the facebook page, not all of it is listed in the shop at the minute because i still have to work our measurements etc, but it gives you a preview of the jewellery which will be for sale & some of the things i have already sold. i'll be regularly updating the page with new stock & perhaps some "making of" pictures, as well as special offers & discount codes, which will also be given out on twitter.
for now, here is a sample of the jewellery currently in stock & coming soon to the shop;
(i sold a similar bracelet this morning which had 5 beads & a vintage clasp)
i used to collect stamps when i was younger, so i have quite a few of these stamp earrings for sale.
the art department of my school was throwing out a bunch of old slides last year, & i took the opportunity to recycle them & make some jewellery from them. as well as this one, there are some slides featuring pictures of famous paintings by jmw turner (one of my favourite artists).
i love this necklace, very nearly kept it for myself!
blue teapot necklace, blue sugarbowl necklace & blue jug necklace.
these will be coming very soon to the shop!
musical instrument necklaces, including guitar, banjo, violin, trumpet & saxophone charms.
these will also be coming soon to the site.
thanks for reading, i hope to see you soon in the shop! (:


  1. These look so cute! :) Just for the record, the "violin" neckalace is actually a cello! It has an endpin (the thing sticking out the bottom of it) which the violin doesn't have! Thought you would like to know :)

  2. Looking forward to buying something. I really love Turner.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  3. ahh thank you, worldlvr! i wasn't quite sure & i'm not too knowledgable about instruments!

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