Thursday, 23 June 2011

only a pawn in their game

i had my last exam today; spanish, and it was a really weird paper but there's nothing i can do about that now. 
after my exam, my mum & i drove to hexham to have a look around the various charity shops there. it was a pretty successful trip! i bought a few things to make jewellery with, as well as some other things which took my fancy.
recently i've been thinking about using dominoes to make necklaces, and almost by chance i landed upon this set of wooden dominoes in the first charity shop we went in! clearly it was fate.
the set was only £1, and there's 28 pieces so i can get a good few necklaces out of them!
i've also been looking on ebay for some kids picture dominoes, & i found the cutest set of 101 dalmation dominoes, which are in fact shaped like dalmations! my bidding war has already started on those bad boys.
apparently the dominoes were previously owned by ben reddon. i love buying things secondhand, there's so much history to them! also, the box will come in handy as a prop when i come to take photos of the jewellery.
i found these records in the oxfam bookshop; born in the usa by bruce springsteen and all the best a double album of paul mccartney's greatest hits. they came to just under £5 all together, which i think is a pretty good deal!
i already have born in the usa digitally, but i much prefer having albums on vinyl. it seemed like a pretty fitting tribute to clarence clemons who died at the weekend to buy it today.
the paul mccartney record has loads of cute illustrations based on his songs, my favourite is the running musical instruments for band on the run (which also happens to be one of my favourite wings songs).
also, i love the gatefold sleeve with a collage of pictures of paul! i actually love him.
i picked this nail varnish up in the boots in hexham, i've been looking for a turquoisey colour to go with my dress for the ball, and i'm going to put some matching ribbons on my shoes too.
i picked up this tablemat/doily thing for 25p! it's got a couple of flower motifs that i'm going to cut out & make into necklaces.
i bought this tie with an unbelievably awesome tiny green pig print for only 50p, i think i'll probably give it to my dad for a belated father's day present. sometimes i wish i was a guy just so i could wear a succession of amazingly cool patterned ties, it would be brilliant.
i also bought this disney princess jigsaw for 50p, i couldn't resist! i've been thinking about gluing together section of the pieces to make either necklaces or brooches, which will look a bit like the piece below, what do you think?
now that i am free for the summer, i'm going to be planning this jewellery stuff like crazy! seriously can't wait to get it started, sorry if i'm driving you all insane by constantly going on about it but i'm just so excited!

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  1. Wooohooo, HAPPY SUMMER GURL!

    Looks like you had a successful shopping experience. I'm actually really excited for your dominoe necklace to come out. Wayyy cool idea!


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