Sunday, 10 July 2011


i went to a party on friday night at my friend alix's house (hello alix!), which was a really great night. it was lovely to spend another night with friends, and just to talk to people after slobbing around the house all week! i can remember laughing an awful lot, which was such a release after feeling ill for such a long time.
i wore this necklace (which i made) to the party. i've made another one in a light green/turquoise colour which i am going to sell in my jewellery shop when i finally open it. i love the irony of using traditionally female crafts to write political/feminist statements, in fact it's pretty much what i did for my last art project. i also kind of like the fact that, while feminists protest against the labelling of women, i have literally labelled myself as a feminist, which i am more than proud to do so.

on that note, if there are any women reading this who live in britain & haven't read how to be a woman by caitlin moran, do so now! it really is an incredible book, so relevant and so accurate to the every day issues and struggles faced by modern women. the entire time reading it i was just thinking, "yes! oh my god, she's right, she'd bloody right!" about each issue raised. i find it incredibly refreshing to read a feminist polemic that is funny (because it is hilarious) & at the same time completely relevant to my own experiences. it may seem corny to say this, but sometimes i felt as if i was reading things that i myself had thought about, but had struggled to actually pin down & voice. i'll stop talking about this now, as i've actually been thinking about doing a book review about it, as it had such a huge impact on me.
i've just looked up the weather forecast for paris next week, and it looks like it's going to be pretty hot but also pretty stormy, so i'm really going to have to think about what to wear. *packs raincoat and factor 40 suncream*
see you in a few days! (:


  1. i have always been so proud to be a feminist :)

  2. Love that necklace, I'd love to wear it with a nice 50s style dress for the irony of it!!!
    Really like the sound of that book, I might have to check it out...

  3. Oh wow, I think that's brilliant! Very quirky yet cute. I'm looking forward to this blogshop!



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