Monday, 6 June 2011

johnny's in the basement, mixing up the medicine.

hello again! i've been going a little stir crazy sat in the house by myself all day doing nothing but revising, and it's starting to get a little old. 
i walked down to the village today to get my hair cut, & i actually really like it! admittedly i was a bit dubious when i first got it cut, mainly because the mousse the hairdresser used makes my hair curl like crazy & when i got home i looked like a cross between bob dylan circa 1965 & little orphan annie. but i am used to this happening with my ridiculous mop, & frankly i was just pleased to finally get it cut, seeing as i haven't had that done since february!
i also thought i'd take this opportunity to show you a few new things i've acquired lately;
please forgive my case of the bitch face, i'm chronically tired at the moment! i put it down to revising & staying up too late to read the axe murder scene in crime & punishment (dostoevsky, loving it already).
so, yeah. the cardigan i bought from tesco a couple of weeks ago, the first time i've bought clothing from there actually, and in a size 14 because that was the only size left.
i have always loved bird print, & swallow print in particular, but until now i have never actually owned anything in that print, surprisingly enough.
now, when i was getting dressed this morning, my mind went; swallows - birds - doves - peace - john lennon - i must wear my john & yoko tshirt today!
this necklace has always been one of my favourites, sort of tacky but sort of lovely at the same time.
the skirt is also new, & i haven't really posted about it on here (although i did wear it in this post). i didn't buy it however, my friend joanna gave it to me because she was having a bit of a clear out i think, & i was pretty pleased as i was actually there when she bought it & thought it was pretty nice! the pattern is pretty ethereal & awesome, & i have loads of blue things for it to go with.
cardigan - tesco, tshirt - matalan, skirt - gift, necklace - afflecks palace, hair flowers - h&m, sgt pepper badge - gift.
i totally love that my hair gets a bit more textured when it's shorter, & i thought for a bit of a change i'd put two hair flowers in instead of one. i quite like the look actually, & the colours are pretty nice together.
goodbye for now! good luck to those who have exams this week, mine start soon, eek.


  1. LOVE this outfit so much, I can't believe they sell such cute clothes in a supermarket of all places! Also, I really love your hair this way, it looks so pretty with the flower clips :)

    If you're interested, I'm selling all of my clothes and I'm happy to ship internationally.

  2. Woah, cuteness. I've always wanted short, curly hair but don't have the guts to get the perm required.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  3. lovely the cardi so much

  4. you're cardigan is so lovely! good luck with your exams!


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