Monday, 20 June 2011

day by day, old joy comes back to me.

sorry that it's been a bit of a slow week blogwise, there really just hasn't been anything interesting enough to post about!
this saturday was my friend matthew's birthday, so we had a night out to the local pub (despite the ridiculous amount of rain that there was!).
matthew & i.
we all clubbed together & bought him some tshirts from topman, we were going to buy him the blondie one he's wearing in these photos, but thankfully we found out he already had it before we bought it.
matthew & i doing ridiculous faces.
joanna & me, my face is unbelievably pale here!
charlotte, kate, me, matthew, gemma & rhiannon.
i look like a total plank leaning over the table like that, paha.
charlotte, kate & me. interestingly enough, charlotte's doing that same face on our yearbook photograph.
just cannot wait for my exams to be over now, feels like this period of revision will never end. this time thursday will be such a huge relief.

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