Wednesday, 23 February 2011

portobello road

lo! i have returned from landaaan, i would have posted earlier but my laptop has been at computer hospital. i took loads of pictures of london & that which i will get on here eventually, but i just wanted to put up what i bought while i was there. i actually didn't buy much at all, partly because i didn't see that many things i liked & partly because we spent a woefully small amount of time in portobello market.
postcards of john lennon & a 60s shift dress. i honestly have far too many postcards of john now, i dare not even count them!

in the tate britain shop there were some amazing lazy oaf "i like to arty hard" shirts which i was very tempted by, but at £28 they were a little over what i was willing to pay, so instead i went for the very reaosnably priced £1.50 "i heart drawing" badge.
feminist postcards from the tate modern. feminism appears to be a bit of a dirty word in today's media, but i am proud to proclaim i am a feminist. also, i think the role of women in society & feminism is something i will be looking at in my work (as my title is political and/or social events & issues)

the advantages of being a woman artist.

and finally, my sunglasses from portobello market! i love them, & they were only £10 which i believe is pretty good.
just a quick update for now i'm afraid (and yes, i'm aware that almost every update is a quick update, sorry), but tomorrow i'm having a (belated) birthday party, which is 1960s themed, so you can look forward to joyous photographs from that occasion!
for now, adieu my dears.


  1. the badge and sunglasses are lovely! glad you had a good time <3

  2. Love the sunglasses, I've been wanting some like these for quite some time!
    I agree, "feminism" does seem like a dirty word these days but that's because I feel a lot of "feminists" ruined the word by their overbearing unneccesarily unpleasant behavior.

    Looking forward to seeing photos from your late Birthday party and the London trip :)


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