Wednesday, 9 February 2011

biba fever

 i am dreadfully sorry for the pun in my post title, but i feel it had to be done.
as one of my birthday presents, my mum gave me a gallery booklet from the exhibition she was working on when she was pregnant with yours truly. the exhibition was biba: the label, the lifestyle, the look.
the photographs from the book are lovely, some original adverts & some were photoshoots carried out by my mother & the gallery crew with donations from the general public.

my mother also wrote an article for the booklet about barbara hulanicki's designs, the rise & fall of biba and the clothing line's impact on 1960s-70s street fashion.

i think i am going to search ebay & etsy to find a shirt like the one above!
sorry for the short posts lately, but i've been busy lately & a little ill, so blogging services have taken a back seat i am afraid.

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  1. that looks really amazing, my Mum keeps waxing lyrical about Biba! I hope your feeling better x


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