Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Deckchair life

Hey! Long time no see (sorry sorry sorry!).
I bought this skirt at a vintage fair last weekend, it is several sizes too big but I couldn't say no to something cute in pastel (will I ever?) and it's tied within an inch of its life at the back.
I haven't taken pictures outside for like, ever, and I think it's very obvious why: squinting all over the place and very flyaway hair. But it was SUNNY! Also this gives you the chance to see my Desperate Housewives-esque very plain lawn, including dead trees and shrubs planted by other people.
The stripes really remind me of the ones you see on deckchairs in historic seaside towns, ones from washed out 1950s postcards from Blackpool or Margate. Faded but still resolutely summery. Do they even come in those colours any more?
(Really, really have to get better at hiding that remote, don't I? Anti-professional til the end I guess.)
I've been buying a lot of pieces lately that are a lot more comfortable than things I used to wear. Less polyester nighties and more comfy long skirts and trousers. I feel like I'm in a really transitional period in terms of my style right now, which is why I need to actually get my act together and document it more on here, I don't want to miss it!
Adorable jelly shoes from Asos that are 100% going to be driving my aesthetic this summer. They have them in lots of shades, but obviously the pink was too perfect to ignore.
Blouse - vintage/DIY, skirt - vintage, socks - Topshop, jelly shoes - Asos.
I'm trying to organise my time a bit better recently, spending less time faffing around and actually doing things which I love and that are actually productive. This past week I've been watching all the Wes Anderson films I haven't seen before, organising all my saved likes into a Pinterest (which you can have a look at if you like, but it's mainly for me to collect things so I have a solid set of references) and I've actually been doing some exercises. I've also been planning things for the ~future~, because I have to accept that I am 21 now, apparently. Positive vibes, etc etc.


  1. i've read from lots of different bloggers there's a *change* coming or they've talked about a transition phase in their life. thank you for reminding me to document these moments

  2. I love that skirt, it super suits you! xx

  3. I love this whole colour palette! The skirt and the socks and the shoes, this is just wonderful. Transition periods are tough sometimes, but so liberating a fun!

  4. woow i lovelovelove the skirt! the pastel colors are really nice, i couldn't resist neither! ;) xx


  5. such a beautiful outfit, just followed you on bloglovin!x


  6. Aww that skirt is just so sweet, the pastel colours really suit you!
    Two Hearts One Roof


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