Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fairytale realities.

I know London fashion week was aaaages ago, but I have been thinking about Ashish's Autumn/Winter collection pretty solidly since then and I really wanted to write something about it. Or, I really wanted somewhere to blurt out some of my incoherent fashion feelings about it.
Oh gosh. So pretty, so many things to say. Frothy, sugary, ruffly goodness in the sweetest pink possible. The glittery patterned underskirts and blunt edges are killing me. Actual 21st Century, post-heiress/post-Bling Ring looks. So, so dreamy.
I am definitely not one for monochrome but these beautiful, glittery creations could change my mind. I think iridescent, sparkly white is becoming one of my favourite concepts, I actually just bought a pair of glittery socks that look a lot like this skirt fabric and I can't wait to put them on and pretend to be wearing this outfit. I love that you can see the lights running through the skirt on the right, it kind of feels like an off duty princess in a dubious nightclub kind of outfit. Also, tiaras as an everyday accessory are starting to seem more and more plausible.
I love these outfits so much! They're so 90s avant garde princess I can barely handle it. The all over body denim frills are killing me, and the chunky gold chain & pearl straps are something I really want to DIY (but will definitely fail at miserably). I feel like this collection is really innovative, I mean I've never seen anything like this before and it's so, so beautiful. The second look is incredible, how does that crop top manage to look so floaty and spiky at the same time?! And these are possibly the only pair of sweatpants I can ever see myself wearing.
All the sparkles and the denim really reminded me of Missy Elliot's outfits in this video:
Missy forever, etc. Early noughties style is so coming back in and I love it. Cannot wait for all the sparkly things from my youth to start being sold everywhere.
I love the mix of casual/sportswear shapes with the unbelievably decadent, dripping sparkles everywhere. The outfit on the right was so beautiful going down the catwalk, I was just sat watching in awe. I like how you can see the light up platforms more here too, apparently Ashish are doing a collaboration with Topshop soon and a version of these shoes will be available in the collection! Keeping my eyes peeled for news of this way in advance.
These looks are so good I honestly feel like I might be tearing up. I need an all sequin two co-ord or mini dress in my life like, now. The pearl and gold bead edging on these pieces feel so regal to me, I don't know about anyone else but I am getting a serious Elizabeth I vibe from the neckline on the right.
Also, I'm kind of obsessed with the blonde model! She's amazing and I adore her hair. I'm pretty sure she walked for Meadham Kirchhoff this season too, so obviously I'm even more in love with her now.
This is my favourite look of the collection, I genuinely gasped when I saw it coming down the catwalk. Layered sequins and layers and layers of sparkly, wedding cake netting. Breathtaking, really.
Hair, beautiful hair, that is like pre-makeover Mia Thermopolis meets St Vincent meets pastelgoth. So many goals I can't even tell you about them.
I actually wrote a piece featuring this collection for the Sheffield uni women's magazine, which you can read here. At the meeting, my editor said she thought of me as soon as she came up with the fairy tale idea. My reputation for glitter and pink as everyday looks clearly precedes me.
(Picture sources, all except for the last one which is from tumblr)


  1. those first two pink dresses? HECK YES! xx

  2. ugh it's such a great collection- I'm super excited about those sneakers as well <3

  3. Oh jeez, it is such a great collections, so whimsical but so *reeeeal* life you know. Ahh, and I love your commentary.



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