Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Strawberry shortcake.

Hello! Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I don't really have any exciting excuses, just deadlines, reading, etc etc. Oh, student life!
Trousers! I know! This might be the first time I've ever worn trousers in a post on here? I mean, I can't be bothered to trawl through my archives but trouser sightings on here are pretty rare indeed.
It feels so weird wearing trousers considering I've basically only worn skirts for the past four, maybe more, years of my life, but they are so COMFORTABLE! Like, why didn't anyone tell me?!
I think this is another way that my style is becoming a lot more comfort orientated. Not in a very deliberate way, but I know that I just want things which are easier to wear, ie not skirts that need petticoats underneath, or polyester vintage things that are going to make me sweat all the time. So, I'm not sure which version of me this is (3.0? 4.1?), but I'm kind of enjoying being here.
I got them way back in November (I was shopping with my mum & had been saying how I wanted to buy something other than skirts, then they appeared & fit perfectly. Fate, I tell you.), and then in February (maybe?) I was reading one of my mum's Vogues at home and saw this spread all about gingham as a trend for next Spring/Summer. Now, I'm not saying I'm a trendsetter but, coincidence? I think not. It's just like that time I bought a pink coat in a charity shop for £1 and then next summer they were the ~thing~ to have. Maybe Anna Wintour should start following me round with a notebook, I don't know. Anyway, I've actually become completely obsessed with gingham and have bought two more items in lilac and mint. Classic me. Also love the Meadham Kirchhoff reppin' on the left [heart eyes emoji], my favourite look from that collection.
(I scanned this spread very badly from the runway edit bit of Vogue, then photoshopped it via Paint. You are welcome)
Matching the colour of your jewellery to your hair is pretty standard, right? I went to a Hole tribute gig last month (celebrating 20 years since Live Through This came out! It was amazing! Glitter everywhere! Boys in dresses and tiaras!) and someone has brought a whole bunch of sparkly kid's jewellery for people to take, so naturally I went for the hot pink holographic bracelet. 
Top - ebay, trousers - vintage, shoes - DMs/Amazon, socks - Topshop.
 Such a #fashblogger sorry but I find this really funny!
Blouse - vintage/DIY, cardigan - charity shop, belt - charity shop.
I am so in love with these trousers, they're just so versatile while still being pretty unusual. They seem to go so well with so many things in my wardrobe (fate!) and I can't decide which outfit is my favourite so I took a few extra pictures. So, yeah. Enjoy more of my face!! This one is pretty much my favourite combination of shirt and cardigan, only with these trousers instead of a skirt. When you find a formula, stick to it I guess.
Top & headscarf - both vintage, earrings - H&M, poor lighting - me.
This top is new as well, I bought it just before I came back to Sheffield from my favourite (and like, only decent) vintage shop in Newcastle for very cheap. It's quite oversized and floaty so it doesn't really photograph very well, but I'm kind of obsessed. I love the ridiculous clash of pink and red tones here. Still works though (not that I'd be bothered otherwise, obviously!).
I have lots of things I really want to post about (and lots of work to do avoid), so hopefully I will be back in this internet space soon.


  1. You have the most gorgeous style! I love your first outfit so much xx

  2. So cute how the pants match your hair. Love it.


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