Monday, 9 July 2012

It's been a hard day's night.

Do you ever have those moments where you pull something out of the depths of your wardrobe, put it on and suddenly see it in a whole new light? That happened to me recently with almost this entire outfit!
I bought the Beatles tshirt about three years ago on a trip to Liverpool after I sat my GCSEs (oh God, that makes me feel old!), and wore it quite a lot in my tshirt-and-trousers stage. The cardigan too was lurking in the back of my cupboards, I bought it from ebay a year two years some time ago, but haven't worn it recently. I came across these two pieces as I was sorting out my drawers, and decided to put them on, and soon a whole outfit had fallen into place, along with these white fishnet/herringbone tights I have had for ages!
Favourite necklace ever. I really do regret not buying every single one in the (Wizard of Oz) collection at the time.
I have worn this skirt on here before, I think, and it is a total BITCH to iron, which is why it still looks pretty creased as I gave up quite quickly. It had some round, dark blue, plasticy-looking buttons on it which I really wasn't too keen on, so the other day on a whim I changed them for these white, pearly ones which I think are much nicer!
Cardigan - ebay, tshirt - The Beatles Store, skirt - H&M (I changed the buttons), tights - Primark, lace shorts - ebay, necklace - Affleck's Palace, badge - Etsy.
No make-up face, as per. Also my roots look bigger & darker here than they do in real life, I have no idea why that would be!
1. I have decided I'm going to post a little less on this blog. Not that I'm stopping, not at all! I just want to focus on posting more clothes/fashiony things, rather than posting something, anything, just because I feel I have to. Also, this will give me a bit more time to post about things that I really want to, so don't despair!
2. I am going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight! Sadly it's just a screening of the film, not a theatre production but I am so excited! I am going as Janet (of course) and my friend Alix is going as Magenta. Hopefully I will take some pictures of my outfit for you guys (:
3. I am going to London for five days on Thursday, which is going to be so good! I'm not sure what we're going to do, but I know I've got quite a long list of places I want to go and galleries I want to visit. Also, I really want to go to the Rookie meet up at Hyde Park! Let me know if you're going!
4. My mind has been on a few other things lately. Sometimes it is very difficult to stand up to someone and make them see that something they have said or done has hurt, upset or angered you. It is especially difficult when you tell them that, and they throw it back in your face without listening, or really taking any of it in. Standing up for my rights as a woman is something I feel incredibly strongly about, especially my rights over my own body, and hearing someone close to me express a sexist, misogynistic view has hit me like a freight train. I would not take that from my father, or from a stranger on the streets, so why should I lie down and take it from someone who I chose to be in my life? This has definitely left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and a panic attack-inducing Twitter timeline. But, rest assured, I am currently bouncing back.


  1. Lovely :)
    When is the Rookie meetup? I would very much like to go but my lack of facebook is making finding out the details a bit of a struggle...

    1. Thank you!

      The Rookie meet up is on the 14th of July in London, I think we are meeting at Marble Arch at 11 then finding somewhere to go from there!

  2. I love this look has a Meadham Kirchoff vibe about it! :) xxx

    1. Oh wow, thank you! I love Meadham Kirchhoff so so much so that's a huge compliment!

  3. Lovely look, pretty rare I find anything old and decent in my wardrobe!! Hope you enjoyed Rocky Horror :) x

  4. I'm sorry to read that you've been hurted, I hope that everything is fine now!
    It's amazing that things you've almost forgotten comes out in a new perspective, this outfit is lovely and the Glinda's necklace is amazing!
    Can't wait to see your photos as Janet!!

  5. I love rediscovering stuff that's been hiding in my wardrobe. I love your hair it's amazing.
    Sorry to hear someone's pissed you off, you should deff let them know! When someone's upset me they sure know about it and then they usually don't do it again :) xxx

  6. Gahh so cute! I'm so envious that you have a Rookie meet-up in England, there aren't any in Sydney :(
    Much love!


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