Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dammit Janet

So, the other night I went to see a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at my favourite cinema, and this is what I wore!
I, obviously, went as Janet! Purely because I think she is great, and also because I own zero items of black clothing so it would have made coming as any other character rather tricky and expensive.
Pink & blue are the two colours Janet wears in her first appearance outfit (she then wears lingerie for pretty much the rest of the film). Swallows brooch worn as a cardigan clip to make it a bit more interesting, gift.
Heart belt to add more than two colours, vintage.
Swishy, cutesy Courtney Love style night dress, charity shop.
I decided to wear heels, otherwise this is kind of an ordinary outfit! My brother and my dad didn't notice I was wearing a costume -.-
Pale white innocent tights, Dorothy Perkins. Cutesy frilly 1950s socks, Topshop. Nude, kind of dirty shoes (ohoho) with pale blue ribbons added by me, Peacocks.
I felt like my outfit needed a little something else, so I put a little picture of Brad in my locket! Oh Brad, I'm mad, for you too.
This is me doing my best worst meerkat face, trying to show the pink gingham hairslide in my hair. I tried to make my hair as Janety as possible, but I have neither red, blonde or long hair so it was always going to be a bit tricky. I basically just tamed certain sections & tried to ignore the overriding purpleness of it.
The actual experience was amazing, people were dancing & singing & shouting things out & shining torches! I would really really love to see an actual stage production as I'm sure it would be even funnier. Next time I go I think I'll be Columbia, I wanted to this time but she requires a lot more buying of things! I do have a sequin jacket, but it's silver and the inaccuracy would have bothered me.
1. This is a scheduled post because I'm away in London at the moment! I meant to schedule a few more posts but I've been really lazy busy lately so I guess the next time will just have to be when I get back.
2. I sent Laura a few pieces of jewellery to try out, and she wrote a post featuring them which you can see here! You can also get 10% off in my shop by using the discount code "DAISYCHAIN" at checkout!


  1. This outfit is so adorable! I love the heart belt and the swallows brooch-ahh the colours are just perfeeect!

  2. I have so much love for your style <3

  3. I absolutely love your outfit and how it all matches, the colour are divine! And Rocky Horror is such an amazing film <3 xx

  4. this is such a cute outfit, i love pastels plus it matches your hair - bonus! xx

  5. i love all the pastel pretty colours in this outfit... your style is amazing! i am now following you x x

  6. You're like an exclusive vintage version of Alice in Wonderland. ;) Just so cute!

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  8. Sweet outfit, U have a awesome blog :D

  9. your outfit is soo cute.I love the colours and all the little details xx

  10. you look like a princess! love the colours of the clothes!


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