Saturday, 28 July 2012

I made it through the wilderness

Hello! Sorry it has been so long since I last posted, I went on holiday, then my computer packed up, then when it was fixed I had to go away again, oh gosh there is just a never ending list of obstacles! I'm going to do a post or two about the Rookie meet-up I went to when I was down in London, but first I have an outfit post for you all!
Whenever my roots start to show and my hair fades out to this weird blonde colour I always get the strangest urge to dress up as Madonna and start dancing around like she does in the Holiday video. Hence the headscarf and assertive pose. This outfit kind of feels like what 1985 Madonna would have worn if she had had a brief Land Army Girl phase. I do feel like she would have added some beaded necklaces though, and perhaps a lace glove or two.
I saw this blouse looking sad and lonely on the £1 clearance rail in one of my local charity shops, and bought it because, well, because I was feeling impulsive. And also I think it looks kind of cute tied up like this.
Blouse - charity shop, trousers - Dorothy Perkins, headscarf - vintage.
Cute embroidery detail on the collar!
Rosie the Riveter pose is my new favourite.


  1. Haha! Love the picture of you showing your muscles!

  2. super cute! ;) you belong to a beach with marilyn monroe and j.f.k. :P

  3. the top is really cute, especially tied like that, nice collar! xx


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