Friday, 23 March 2012

Very cherry

Hello! Please excuse the slightly scatterbrained appearance of my blog at the moment, I started to move things around & change things but then I realised I actually have no time and decided to move things back, but couldn't work out how. Technology fail! So yes, please bear with me.
A few things I bought in the local charity shop last weekend! Two lipstick holders (one more than the number of lipsticks I own, paha! But that shall soon be rectified), a blank picture frame which I am going to paint lilac & use when I do craft fairs, a David Bowie picture and the prettiest summer dress ever. The grand total for all of these lovely things came to £2.50 (although it actually should have been £2.40, but I wasn't going to quibble)! The dress is so lovely and has the most beautiful cherry print! It has a really cute 1950s-ish shape which brings out my inner pin up girl, I can't wait to wear it over summer!
Just a little mini post today I'm afraid! This week seems to have absolutely flown by, I've been so so unbelievably busy with Textiles work I just completely forgot to post, or that I hadn't posted. Sorry! It's my interim crit on Monday (basically when we get given an assessment grade halfway through our project) and I am stressing out, but hopefully when that's over and done with I will be back to more regular posting. Goodbye for now lovelies! (:
PS. I am having a pretty big sale over in my shop, making space for some new stock which will be coming soon! I would be so grateful if you could take a little look here (:


  1. Great Bowie photograph there! You find some wonderful things, I can never seem to find much whenever I have a nose in charity shops! Your shop is wonderful also!

  2. Precious things!

  3. The dress is gorgeous! Such a pretty pattern! Thank you for following lovely :D


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