Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I can't be near you, the light just radiates.

I mentioned in this post that I would post pictures of my sketchbook pages from that project. It has taken me a while to get around to taking them, but here they are!
Applique & reverse applique samples (little bit tricky to see as they are made with netting and gauze!) with images from Louis Vuitton S/S 12 catwalk show. This project was called "Multiples", and we had to take inspiration from repeated shapes that appeared either in nature or manmade objects (ie trees or piping), and you can just about see the little diamond shapes on the ice cream cone in the corner which inspired these samples. 
These are images from a little further on in my sketchbook where I started taking my inspiration from cobwebs.
Clockwise from top left: photocopy of a sample made with feathers, modelling on the stand with samples, backstage photograph from Meadham Kirchhoff's S/S 12 show, applique cobweb sample (which you can't really see that well), modelling on the stand, Meadham Kirchhoff details & an illustration of a final idea.
Pictures of my favourite Meadham Kirchhoff dress, princess pleating sample and a little knitted bow. I was really inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff in this project, as you can probably tell!
These are my favourite pages from this sketchbook. In Textiles, we are encouraged to really think about the way our pages are set out, and think in terms of positive/negative space - basically not cluttering the page with too much unnecessary information and letting things stand out. In one of the crits we had, one of my tutors suggested I took my colour palette inspiration from the Marie Antoinette film (which I was totally fine with, it being one of my favourite films ever!), so these pages are a colour story based on that film & featuring photocopies of my collar samples and swatches of the trims I used. We were actually only supposed to use neutral colours for this project, haha! That didn't really last long with me, I just cannot comprehend neutral colours! Pastels all the way.
In the bottom right corner of this page, there's a photograph of the shoes Manolo Blahnik designed for the film which I have a really, really cool story about! I've kind of spoken about my mum's job on here to some extent, but to sum it up she's a Fashion & Textiles Historian & she is/was involved in helping put together exhibitions along those lines. When I was about thirteen, she was working on an exhibition about shoes, and part of that involved some correspondence with Manolo Blahnik (via his PA mind, sadly!). He was working on the designs for the shoes at the time, and he asked from some pictures of shoes from the era, which my mum duly sent him! So, my mum kind of helped Mr Blahnik design those shoes! That to me is so, so cool.
Detail of the double spread page.
Clockwise from left: modelling on the stand, sample of some knitted pompom wool, a colour board from the Color Collective (one of my favourite inspirationy type blogs), illustration of the collar on the stand, image from Marie Antoinette, another colour board from the Color Collective, lace swatch.
I don't know if you've heard*, but pastel is a massive trend for this summer (although personally I am always and have always been wearing pastels!) so I used some images from Vogue's collection edit to relate my project to that trend.
Clockwise from top: modelling on the stand, inspirational image of a cobweb in pastels, page from Vogue, image of Meadham Kirchoff as featured in Vogue, photocopy of a knitting sample with feathers on acetate.
There you are! Hope you enjoyed my little sketchbook tour, I quite liked writing this post actually so I may do more like this! Would that be something you'd like to see more of? See you soon darlings!
*Just kidding guys! Really amusing myself, as ever.


  1. Looks great - great use of referencing to the latest trends etc.


  2. This is a little treasure!!
    I really like your sketch book, so inspiring, and your collars are amazing.
    You did a perfect job! ♥

  3. Your mum is a super cool lady by the sounds of it. And I love the sketchbooks (especially the Marie Antoinette stills).


  4. This is so amazing. I love how you've laid it out & your obviously properly inspired which sometimes lacks when you look at sketchbooks people have been working on for a while! & your mum sounds amazing, so exciting!


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