Saturday, 3 March 2012

I want to be the girl with the most cake.

Okay, so I don't want to be melodramatic or anything, but today I think I made the best charity shop purchases of my life. Honestly. I think it's because this time I went with things in mind and actually worked systematically through each shop I went into. Also, Rookie Mag's thrifting tips totally made a difference (how much do you wish charity shops/thrift shops were that big in the UK?!)
On Tuesday, I went to a huge crafting warehouse with my mum, and I saw some unbelievably cute/kitschy/adorable teddy bear trims. I made a mental note to look for cardigans in pastel hues to adorn with these sugary sweet, erm, adornments, and I was so happy when I found this baby blue one today! I am so looking forward to going back to that warehouse and buying up all the trims!
I am so in love with the patterned knit cardigan. Like, waiting-for-marriage-between-people-and-garments in love. Our eyes met across the crowded, cluttered room and I knew that it was the one for me. I'm actually going to stop this now because it's worrying even for me. The pattern and the pastel colours are just absolutely perfect. I know for a fact that cardigans like this sell in places like Topshop and Urban Outfitters for upwards of £40, and I got this one for under 10% of that price. *high fives self*
Sizewise, they are both a size 12/14 and, to be honest, I love that. I tried on a couple of size 8s and they were so tight! Ugh, really hate tight fitting cardies.
The pink in the knit matches perfectly with my swallow brooch.
The blue cardigan has the sweetest little flower buttons! They remind me of the buttons on some of the cardigans my gran wears, obviously a reason to make a purchase.
I also bought some sweet little handkerchieves for 10p each (so cheap!), which I am going to attempt to make little collars out of. Hopefully. My mum, sewing extraordinaire, looked very sceptical when i told her I was going to do this.
I didn't really get much today, but oh how I love each piece! (Anyway, coming home with lots of things is lovely, but I think having just one or two pieces you love is much, much lovelier.)
PS. I decided the light was too bad today to take pictures of my sketchbook like I talked about in my last post, so hopefully I can take some tomorrow and have them up mid-week some time! Photographing an A2 sketchbook is way harder than I thought.


  1. Such lovely finds, I love the pastel patterned cardigan!
    Love Charlestown xoxo.

  2. you have such a beautiful things! x


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