Thursday, 28 May 2009

surprise package.

today i received some post which i had completely forgotten i was getting. it was some very amazing jewellery from - a website i recently discovered through which is quickly becoming one of my favourite things ever.
anyway, inbetween maths revision & a bit of reading, i felt oddly inspired to take some photos. something i normally tend not to do.
this is the lovely sewing machine necklace i bought. i think it's absolutely beautiful, it looks quite vintage-y in my opinion. it's really cute but strangely heavier than i thought it would be.
i bought this blackboard necklace too because i thought it was such a sweet idea. (it's also kind of inspired me in my jewellery making exploits, but more of that at some other time.)
i was listening to one of my favourite beatles songs when i opened the package, so that explains the all you need is love message i wrote on it.
the people at the lovely teaspoon are clearly lovely by nature too as they sent me these ridiculously cute hairslides as a free gift. purple is also one of my favouritest colours, so they may be slightly psychic too.

inbetween photo-taking and the horrendousness that is maths revision, i did a bit of reading.
sebastian faulks - birdsong to be precise. so far, i think it's a pretty good book - although it looks like it may be gearing up for a sad ending.
oh, and to add to the list of jewellery there's my CND ring. it's actually a kid's ring which i think i must've had since i was about 5 or 6 and only recently rediscovered. i really love the colours of it.

i'm not generally in the habit of taking pictures of myself, but i kind of liked my outfit today.

this is the famous jimi hendrix tshirt i posted about before, it seems to be shaping up to be my favourite item of clothing.
and that really is saying something.
the outfit:
jimi hendrix tshirt - ebay. 99p, the cheapest piece of clothing i have ever bought. believe it or not, the postage was actually more expensive.
cardigan - h&m. i bought this for work experience last year and can't remember the price of it, although i'm fairly sure it wasn't much.
skirt - primark. i hardly ever wear this skirt, it's got some evil buckles on it which are constantly snagging on things.
tights - marks & spencer. these were the mother's i do believe, but i think i somehow claimed ownership of them.

(in the background is my abbey road album cover poster)

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