Thursday, 21 May 2009

the end of compulsory education.

it was the last day of year 11 today!
also known as my last ever ever day of compulsory education. i never have to go to school ever again if i don't want to! oh, what a liberating thought.
i will go back for 6th form though. provided i get the grades.
the whole suit thing might be a problem though, i highly doubt i'll look good in any form of smart attire.
colour options are, and i am not kidding; black, brown, navy blue or dark grey.
it doesn't really bear thinking about.
i'm hoping i can jazz it up a tad with a bit of charlotte charm (or total and utter disregard for the rules).
i'm going to do art for god's sake, how on earth can i be inspiring in BROWN?!
or a suit?!
quite frankly, it's just ridiculous.

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