Monday, 18 May 2009

a bit more uplifting perhaps?

hmmm, it seems to me that last post was a bit on the depressing side.
well, i do hope to change the atmosphere a bit.
after my loooovely purchase of a rather fabulous jimi hendrix tshirt (as you can probably tell, i'm a bit in love with it) 2 weeks ago, i've decided i need to buy a few more musicy related tshirts.
first on the list is obviously a bob dylan tshirt, something a bit along the lines of this i'm thinking:
i saw one a bit like it on ebay the other day but it was only in a man's large. i guess i could wear it as a dress, but without a belt it would look a bit strange i think.
i would also quite like a rolling stones tshirt, but everyone has them so it could look a bit ordinary.
and i do so hate to look ordinary.
i'd also loooooooooooooooooooove a coldplay tshirt, maybe with chris martin on. but the only ones i can find are pretty boring so i may have to customise it myself.

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