Wednesday, 17 September 2014

New things.

I went on a solo holiday this summer - nothing special, just a little tour around some places I'd never been to before & meeting up with some people along the way. I went to Bath with my mum (on a plane, which I hate), did some work experience at the museum she works at and wrote about it here. I went to London on my own (which, I'll level with you, as a northerner both scares and infuriates me), survived staying in a pretty gross hostel, went to lots of art galleries, met up with friends and basically burnt holes in my shoes. I also went to Peterborough and got a tattoo, but I'll show you that later.
When I was wandering around waiting to meet up with my friend Laura, I tried on a bunch of stuff at a vintage shop I found when I was trying to find a Costa. I bought some new things, and here they are.
I own lots of blue skirts already and it's becoming a bit of a perverse in joke with myself where I keep collecting them. This one made into the collection because the stripes are cute and I don't have enough things I can wear belts with. Also, I actually think it's super plain and I'm really into that at the moment. Making up for my mid-teen obsession with wearing as many patterns and bright colours as I possibly could at once, I guess.
This belt is fairly new too. It's holographic and snakeskin (fake, obviously) and therefore the perfect match for this feather necklace I wear like, all the time.
I have barely bought anything new this summer - it wasn't a conscious decision to save money or anything, but I think when I have free time I am just less inclined to spend it looking for clothes online. I think when I have stuff to do that I'm stressed about/want to avoid (hiya uni work!) I buy things to make myself feel better, for something to look forward to. I like this! but now that I think about it more I really want to concentrate on self-care that doesn't require spending money on material things. Not because I don't like the material things - I really do - but because I want to focus on taking care of myself in a way that doesn't depend on buying things and that I can actually carry on doing when I don't have any money. Also, I want to focus on having clothes that I wear all the time and that I really love.
I also bought some super ridiculous comedy shorts. Mainly because they are actually quite cute but also because they made me laugh and I still treat getting dressed as some kind of dressing up game, apparently. They feel a like clown shorts because there's just so much fabric going on, but also the pattern gives me serious kid's party vibes? They're actually a really weird piece of clothing, they fasten through a zip inside the left pocket and have unbelievably tiny pockets for how large the legs are.
I bought this crop top (and another one in cornflower blue) from Asos when I was in one of my essay avoidance fugs. I wear them both all the time, I feel like I've ascended to another level of dressing to be honest. Charlotte 5.0, the era of the crop top.
I didn't take a coat with me on my mini expedition because I was going to the south and I didn't expect it to be cold or wet. Spoiler alert, it was both. So on my way to catch one of the nine trains I caught that holiday, I bought this Emergency Coat. It's cute and will definitely be worn a lot, so I don't feel that bad about getting it.

 It looks nice in the sun too.
Top - Asos, shorts - Rokit vintage, skirt - Rokit vintage, mac - Topshop, necklace - Tatty Devine.
I'm driving back to Sheffield this weekend, and I'm pretty excited. I like seeing my family over summer, but I do feel like I'm stagnating here and I just don't think I take care of myself as much here as I do in Sheffield. I'm also looking forward to third year, but kind of getting super scared about how much work I'm going to have.
More new things from me: I wrote something for the Style Con about breasts and clothes and body politics. I've been thinking about those ideas for ages now & I'm glad I managed to get the courage to pitch it somewhere. It also made it into the Fashion REDEF round up, which is pretty cool! Anyway, you can read it here.


  1. That vintage mac is to die for, omg it's so pretty. Your small holographic accessories are super cute, they look nice with your pastel wardrobe. It sounds like you've been up to lots and lots, thanks for having links to your writing too <3

  2. I'm loving the striped and polka dot skirts! x

  3. I love the striped skirt, and the shorts are amazing!! <3

  4. I always look forward to your posts. All your outfits are flawless! I've been buying too much lately (budget wise) and I think I would love to practice self care that doesn't cost money, that sounds therapeutic.


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