Monday, 18 August 2014

Squares and lace.

Hello! I feel like I'm on a bit of roll with my outfits lately, so I have another one to show you! I bought this shirt a couple of months ago when I was on my serious gingham binge and I really love it. It actually feels very preppy & a little bit more androgynous than the blouses I usually wear.
(I tried to match the squares with my unmade bed, which kind of worked?)
Also I can finally show you this lace jacket I bought! I got this forever ago & I wear it so much, it's kind of surprising that it hasn't made it on to here yet. I saw it in an H&M catalogue literally about two years ago but couldn't find it until last winter. I love it so much, it goes with everything. I especially love it with this outfit because of the mixed patterns and shapes. A very preppy, soft but boxy feel, right?
Shirt - Asos, jacket - H&M, skirt - vintage/DIY, hairband - DIY
I took these pictures just after making lots of horrid phone calls, this is my "I'm super stressed about bills, being an adult is awful please make it stop" face. We've had such a nightmare trying to sort out the bills for our new student house, the tenants who lived there before hadn't paid anything for months & owe like £500+ & we've had bailiffs come round to try & get money off us. NOT GOOD. VERY STRESSFUL. I have been hyperventilating lots.
But at least this is a cute outfit, right?
I'm quite excited/stressed at the moment because I'm sorting out lots of travel plans for August. In the space of two weeks I'm going to be in Manchester, Bath, London, Peterborough (to get a tattoo done!) and then back home. I'm really looking forward to going to London because I've not been in ages, and much as I love being from the North, there are so many art exhibitions & things on there that we just don't get up here. So, if anyone knows of any cool (and preferably cheap/free) things to do there please let me know!


  1. this outfit is great! I especially love the skirt. that sounds horrible about the previous tennats :( hope everything gets sorted soon

  2. Being an adult is the most awful/stressful/anxiety-inducing thing everrr!! But thankfully cute clothes exist! Love your outfit!


  3. I really dig all the different patterns going on here, and I totally feel the boxy but soft thing. And jesus, those old tenants sound awful and I hope that gets all figured out, but you look rockin while freaking out at least.


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