Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hello! In my last post I promised an outfit post, but with a slight difference! Lately it has been too tricky for me to take ~proper~ outfit pictures because I don't have my tripod here, and I'm too busy/lazy to try and do them without one. Also, I'm always a little worried my flatmates will hear my camera shutter going off! I decided to start taking pictures of my outfit in the mirror (on days where I felt my outfit game was pretty good!) to catalogue these in a different way. I actually really like the way they've turned out, I think it gives a really good idea of what I wear day to day. Most of these are variations on things I've worn before on the blog, but they are my favourite outfits and so deserve to be on here!
Blouse - vintage, cardigan - charity shop, skirt - Topshop, tights & socks - Topshop, Doc Martens - Amazon, headscarf - charity shop.
Really, really proud of this outfit. I wear it a lot because I just love the way everything works together. I bought several new pairs of frilly socks from Topshop, and these yellow ones just bring it all together I think.
Top - ebay, shorts - vintage, tights - H&M, shoes - New Look, necklace - gift, flower crown - homemade.
First outfit from when the weather began to get slightly warmer!
Blouse - vintage, shorts - Liberty x Topshop, cardigan - Tesco, tights - Topshop, shoes - Miss Selfridge
Top - Marina & the Diamonds website, skirt - vintage/altered, tights & socks - Topshop, shoes - Office, necklace - Afflecks Palace in Manchester, headscarf - vintage
One of my new favourite outfits!  I think the blue just brings everything together. I adore my (fairly new!) Marina tshirt, I will be doing a post on this soon because it is really lovely.
Blouse - H&M with embroidery detail by me, shorts - made by my mum, cardigan - vintage, tights - Topshop, shoes - New Look, headscarf - vintage
Another favourite outfit. Just really love this combination, especially with the pink back in my hair!
Blouse - charity shop, skirt - Topshop, socks - Topshop, shoes - Office
I wore this on a night out to Itchy Feet, a club night which plays 50s, 60s, soul & funk music, so good! My nighttime wardrobe is pretty much the same as my daytime wardrobe, but slightly dressier perhaps.
Blouse - vintage, skirt - H&M with buttons changed by me, leggings - Matalan, socks - Topshop, shoes - Office
I have been wearing my leggings a lot recently, it feels too cold for bare legs! I can't decide if I like the way it looks or not, but I shall be persevering because it means I can do washing less often if I don't wear my tights all the time!
I hope this semi-outfit post is to your liking, until next time!


  1. You are simply adorable!!! I love all of these outfits :) :)

    xox Sammi

  2. Your outfits are adorable!
    Aoife xx

  3. I love your outfits, especially your itchy feet outfit! (Itchy feet is so much fun, I really want to go again.) They all look greta with your pink hair xx


  4. So lovely. Your pink hair looks amazing.
    I absolutely adore itchy feet - it's pretty much the only club night I will tolerate! Haha!
    I keep meaning to do a "week in outfits" post like this but I'm usually rushing out of the door last minute! Such an awesome way of demonstrating everyday style :) x

  5. All of this is just perfect.
    xo, Tori

  6. Your outfits are seriously pastel perfection! I really like your frilly socks and I want to get a few pairs, but they're so expensive in the states. I just can't get myself to spend that much. D:

  7. Love all the pastels, especially the Marina tshirt- she's amazing! x

  8. I love your floral shorts (and everything you wear!)

  9. Love your style!


  10. I love your pink hair, it really is lovely. I wish I could dye my hair a bright colour again but because of where I work I can't unfortunately :(


  11. your outfits are all pretty scrummy! I love all the pastels. I've not brazed bare legs yet! xx

  12. I love your style you remind me of luna lovegood

  13. girl, i looooveee your style! every one piece of clothing you have is beautiful - and you're pretty too [this hair~]

    [my cute weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

    1. oh, and i nominated you for versatile blogger award! it's on my blog~

  14. what an original style! *-*

  15. your style is super pretty, i love all those outfits!


  16. Wow, I love the 6th look! Its so cute on you! ^^

    Celyx Lim

  17. I love how you wear pastel colours, you pull it off so well! I love your sense of style it's really unique and I appreciate the whole creativity of it all. Your outfits are like a walking piece of art!

    I recently wrote a post about "girl hate", it would be an honour to get to know your thoughts!


  18. oh my god I love your blog and your style! And your hair of course, my hair is slowly fading into a colour like yours <3 That second to last outfit is perfection, I really want to wear more pastel pink.


  19. awww, I'm in love with your looks, your style is adorable! followed <3

  20. thanks for the comment on my blog. i love your style so much

  21. Dear Charlotte, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!!



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