Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Hello! This is just going to be a quick little post to show you some new shoes I have acquired recently! I so rarely buy shoes, I genuinely think that on average I buy a pair every year, or maybe even every other year. I am incredibly picky, and also have really awkward feet (skinny size 6 and a halfs, urgh), so when I finally find a pair that I love I wear them until the soles are falling apart. As a result, my shoe collection is rather sad looking. I wear my brogues an awful lot, but I often feel like my lack of variety in the shoe department lets my outfits down. Anyway, I was lucky enough this year to be given two lovely pairs of shoes for my birthday!
I have been musing on purchasing a pair of Doc Martens for a while now, and I asked my Dad for these ones from their website. They are so cute! They have lots of floral patterns, but I feel like this is a fairly unusual one. I really like the delicate red flowers on the clunky, iconic shape and they look so cute with my frilly socks! (Of which I have bought literally six more pairs)
Before I started wearing these, I was really worried about getting blisters as I've heard they take a while to break in, but I've actually been alright! They fit really well too, which is a dream when you have difficult skinny feet like I do.
I also got another pair of shoes for my birthday, but this time from my flatmates and some of the girls I'm living with next year. They are so adorable, and I was so surprised as I didn't think they were going to get me anything! I love these, they feel quite schoolgirlesque, but a lot cooler than the hideous things I used to wear in school.
I really like the ugly vs cute dynamic these shoes have going on, I like the idea that people won't be able to work out if I'm wearing these because they're sweet or tough.
Both pairs look so adorable with socks, especially my new glittery socks! These are the lilac pair, but I also have them in blue and mint green.
By the way, I have Instragram now! I have no idea what I'm doing, but my username is strawberry_charlotte if you want to follow me (:


  1. Such adorable shoes! I like how everything you own is so cutesy and pastel-y!

  2. The lilac socks and the blue roses printed on the shoes make a good color combination!
    Love your styles♡♡

  3. I love both of them! Very cute :)


  4. i love it when things are so cute they're ugly. or so ugly they're cute. like pugs. and steve buscemi. x

  5. I love these shoes, both of them! They are great cute and masculine at the same time.
    I literally adore your blog and find your style really fun and imaginative.

  6. they're amazing, I love the print on the shoes, particularly the t bar ones!xx

  7. the shoes are soo cute!! especially love the first pair!

  8. They are adorable, specially if worn with the socks from the first picture! Super cute!

  9. Awesome post and thanks for sharing! Your posts are very entertaining!
    I really like your blog. Come by! We can follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook ;)!

    That sounds like a lot, so I'll leave the links here to make it easy for you:
    Instant Milk link
    Facebook page link
    Bloglovin link

    Come by soon!

  10. you have the cutest shoes in history xx

  11. cute not ugly

    xxx Zari


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