Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rebel girl you are the queen of my world

Hello ladies! And gentlemen! And anyone inbetween! I'm sorry it has been a long time since my last post, I'm not going to bore you with a long explanation of all the reasons why (scary long list of things to buy/sort/do for uni, even longer and scarier list of things to read for uni) but this is going to be a pretty long, fairly picture-heavy post to make up for it - SO STRAP YOURSELVES IN, FOLKS.
Introducing my new favourite jacket/garment ever. I bought this a few weeks ago from a fellow stall holder at a vintage market I was selling at. I love it. It's a 1960s quilted bed jacket, and only it cost me a fiver and one of my pin up girl brooches! Sellers' perks 5ever.
Jesus Christ Superstar pose because this jacket is my new religion. Or I'm just trying to show the shape of it. I am in love with the weird juxtaposition of the cutesy peter pan collar and the salmon pink colouring with the boxy, swing shape and structured shoulders. The shape shouldn't be flattering, but it somehow is (although tbh I wouldn't care if it wasn't). It makes me feel powerful and confident and able to take up all the space I can. I kind of feel like it's my misandry jacket; the shoulders literally make me want to shoulder all the sexism and injustice and hideousness out of my path, the shape makes me think of power-dressing and holding my head up high. And it's pink, which is FUCKING PERFECT because it sums up all my emotions about femininity and power and how I can still dress like a "typical girly girl" and still take your head clean off in an argument.
(Maybe this paragraph has been written because Jeremy Hunt is our new Health Secretary and he opposes abortion and I'm still really angry about George Galloway and the Assange case but I can't quite articulate all of my rage, so the only way I can make sense of the feeling of foreboding in my stomach is by relating my clothing to my emotions.)
The back, where you can see the shape a little more. I have been wearing this jacket so much even though it is far too warm because it magically seems to work with everything I own. And I can even wear long sleeveless gloves with it and it doesn't look silly. IT'S SO PERFECT, I'M CRYING.
It also really reminds me of two pieces from Meadham Kirchhoff's S/S12 collection. The swing shape, shoulders and the peter pan collar is very similar to the jacket on the left, and the colour is pretty similar to the ballerina lace capelet.

Sugary pink cape and melted wig style hair.
Jacket - vintage, dress - charity shop, tights - from my mother.
I wore this outfit last Saturday to go out with my friend Alix to my favourite drag/cabaret bar. (My hair was pinker then so the ensemble worked better.) It was so good, drag queens performing a Spice Girls medley and Welcome to the Sixties from Hairspray is pretty much all I want out of life. I've already planned to come back from uni for a weekend in October so I can see their Hallowe'en show.
Vagina manicure coming to you courtesy of Meadham Kirchhoff's nail wraps for Topshop. I know some people really hate this design (which really annoys me & my next post is going to be all about that and why it annoys me so much) but I love it and these nails basically sum up this outfit. My nails sum up my outfit which sums up the misandry moment I am having. Also, the colours match!

Hope you enjoyed my very long outfit post slash feminist deconstruction of my clothing. I move to Sheffield in eleven days, and I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post when I'm there. Like I mentioned before, I have another post planned for before I leave, but after that I don't really know what I'll have to post about. It might be more like photo diary style updates, but we'll see how it goes!
I have noticed a sudden burst of new follower arrivals! This is very cool, hello, how are you all? Thank you, darlings, possums. (That link comes to you because of my major, full blown Simon Amstell obsession. No, wait! Come back!) I think some of you may have come over from the post on Sarah's blog featuring me, which was wildly surreal and amazing to read! Thank you Sarah, you are wonderful! Also, Tori has written a post about our jewellery swap, you can see the things I sent her here.


  1. those nail designs and your jacket are perfect! and i love what you said here, "I can still dress like a "typical girly girl" and still take your head clean off in an argument" YES COULDN'T RELATE MORE TO THIS! love your posts <3

  2. Your nails and jacket are super cute!Also I have that Clash poster (Combat Rock!!) x

    1. Thank you! Oh that's so cool, mine is my dad's from his LP!

  3. I love that your accent nail on the non-vaginal hand is red - very appropriate!
    Haha! x

  4. Hehe I love the post. This dress is amazing, from a charity shop? Amazing. And the coat is great, very Meadham Kirchhoff.. intrigued to read more about what you think of the wraps. Sheffield is great!! xx

  5. I honestly think that jacket is beautiful and I loved this post (especially your little political rant)


  6. That really is the most brilliant jacket!

  7. so many good vibes! this is perfect for going out to a drag bar you're a hundred percent right. I can't believe how much you look like the meadham models in the pictures you posted. TOO GOOD.

  8. you look so pretty!I love your outfit!

  9. What a pretty dress! And your hair is perfect :)


  10. I just knew this is vagina!

    I agree, jacket looks perfect on you. And I see donuts on your dress, no cherries on it.

  11. This jacket is fabulous as are your nails !

  12. amazing outfit, so quirky and cool! and looove the nails!
    thanks a lot for the comment! xx


  13. You look so amazing ! You have the most fabulous style and I have to say I'm having nails envy, that design/colour combo is so creative. So glad to come across your blog...your newest follower to date! :)

  14. That jacket is so cute!! & totally reminiscent of Meadham Kirchhoff. <3

  15. Totally getting that vibe from you.... and I love Bikini Kill so this is easily the best post EVER.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  16. wow, the print of that dress is just gorgeous, and the cape too! I love all of the high-fashion inspiration for the pink cape. :D


  17. Love your style and love your blog! Please check out mine when you get a chance as I love to connect. I'm currently writing about my Europe trip and a couple of fab Hollywood red carpet events.

    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!


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