Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pumpkin Soup

The lovely Tori and I are doing a little blog swap of jewellery from our shops! Here is what she sent me;
My favourite piece is this tea party necklace! It is so cute, and I love the pretty pink floral pattern - which is different on both sides! I thought it went really well with my vintage charity shop blouse.
She also sent me this really cute skull candy bracelet, which I think is really funny, I love their little faces!
I also received this pretty aqua green coloured ring (which I can't find in her shop, sorry!). I don't really have any rings, so this is a welcome addition to my jewellery box!
Tori's shop is called Pumpkin Soup Boutique, which is such a lovely name, and she sells lots of jewellery as well as vintage clothing. I particularly love her vintage lipstick holder/mirror rings! You can visit Tori's blog here, and follow her shop on Twitter @pumpkinsoupshop.


  1. I really like that green ring, reminds me of a cactus :D

  2. That's such a nice idea to do a swap! I loveeeee the teapot necklace, it's adorable!

  3. such cute things! And it's so you!



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