Thursday, 21 April 2011

kitty daisy & lewis.

hello again! i'm taking a very short break from my oodles of revision to show you some of the pictures i took on sunday of my friend kate, who i'd asked to dress up as a land army girl for my art project. (i'm getting a slight deja vu writing about this, so i think i must have mentioned it in my last post.)
so, without further ado, here they are. i'm actually pretty proud of them (:
i think this is the picture that i am going to draw, i quite like the lighting in it. (also, kate looks pretty good.)

the lighting looks a little different on some of these pictures as i was messing around with the settings a little bit. i really like the sepia-ish effect i got, although i haven't the faintest clue how i managed to achieve it! back to the drawing board for that one.

all of the pictures in this post are unedited, except for the one above. it's always worth doing a bit of photoshop just for something extra to write about in the sketchbook, & i found a filter called "bloom" which gives this interesting, soft focus/saturated look.
*insert technical photographer babble here*

hope you like looking at these! (:
also, regarding the post title, i have been listening to this album on repeat for quite a while, pretty excited for their next one coming out!
goodbye for now!

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