Sunday, 17 April 2011

a grand day out

hey there!
my school broke up for the easter holidays (ie. revision break) on friday, & ever since then i've been taking it easy before the insane-ness of my hardcore revision timetable sets in. today i went to my friend kate's house to take some pictures of her dressed up as a land army girl from the second world war for my art project, which was lovely & i got some pretty great photographs, if i do say so myself!
also, i had a bit of fun getting to know my camera a bit more, and fiddling about with aperture settings and things. i quite like getting a bit more technical knowledge about it.
so, awkwardly changing the subject, here is what i wore today;
cardigan - ebay, tshirt - vv brown concert, short - made by my mother, leggings - matalan, necklace - car boot sale, badge - beatles store liverpool, barette - free with a purchase from the lovely teaspoon.

my eyes look a little glassy here, how odd.
i've been taking a little inspiration from tavi lately with plastic, just-tacky-enough-to-be-cool hair slides. she's so cool, i wish i had been that awesome aged 15, or however old she is.

i am such an awkward poser, i really truly am horrific. i also realise i should have cropped these photos so that you can see the outfit better, but i quite like the wide shot approach.

can't decide if this necklace is tacky or sophisticated. tacky, i suspect, but that won't stop me wearing it.

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  1. I cannot get over those shorts! Love.

    And that necklace is brilliant.


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