Thursday, 17 July 2014


Change of scene for today! I thought the colours in this outfit really matched the flowers in my garden so I thought I'd take a trip outside today.
I have been looking for a skirt with braces (a suspender skirt? harness skirt?) for ages and I was so pleased when I finally found this one! It is such a cute shape with a lovely flippy (if very, very short) skirt. I've been trying out wearing it with lots of different things but I think this blouse is my favourite because the sleeves look so sweet poking out of the straps slightly.
(Also, I'm definitely not wearing my signature white tights in this photo because it was far too hot, just thought I would clarify because my legs are so pale that's certainly what it looks like).

Zero & Agnes in The Grand Budapest Hotel (image credit: Google Images)
The colours and the shapes in this outfit (collar, braces etc) really made me think of the uniforms and the colour palette in Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, aka one of my favourite films I've seen this year. Actually the lilac particularly reminded me of Mendl's the patisserie, but I think I actually must have been remembering the colours wrong because it looked a lot pinker than I thought when I was trying to find pictures for this post! My hair and lipstick were bright pink but it was too light outside to properly capture that on camera. If I had to come up with a concept for this outfit though then I would say "Lolita inspired 50s diner waitress who stumbled into Wes Anderson's pastel filter". Or something like that.
The details on this blouse are so pretty! I love the embroidery and the scalloped edges on the pocket and collar. I added the bears myself because this blouse looked so much like the pink one I wore in this post which had yellow bears on to cover a rip and I really wanted them to match.
Blouse - vintage/DIY, harness skirt - ebay, headscarf - gift, socks - Topshop.
(image credit: Google Images)

Goodbye for now!


  1. I swear your legs go on forever! I love this outfit, the skirt is amazing x

  2. this is so so cute! love the movie x

  3. love love love this outfit, especially the gorgeous flippy skirt and the hair ribbon thing (can't really see what it is but it looks lovely).
    also: i just found your blog recently and i wanted to let you know i'm enjoying it a lot! i really like your style, and as someone who's currently undergoing the pastel transformation (after years of black, black and more black) i find your outfits really inspiring! keep at it and have a nice day today x

    1. Awwh you're so cute, thank you!! Pastels are a way of life <3

  4. You look so cute! I love this color combination!

    xox Sammi

  5. omg i love grand budapest hotel, the screencaps you chose perfectly link to your outfit <3 <3

  6. Lovely photos! And yes, you do look like you're wearing white tights! x

  7. I haven't gotten round to seeing the film yet - hopefully I will soon. I LOVE skirts with suspenders. I have a blue denim look one from New Look (it was for 10 year olds but I had to have it). I love the colour of yours.

  8. Your style is amazing. I also love The Grand Budapest Hotel. Your blog is so rad!


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