Friday, 13 December 2013

Washed up.

Hello! Just a short post this time to show you my new(ish) hair colour & new favourite blouse.
I have been wearing this outfit so much lately! This picture is super washed out (sorry) but the blue in the skirt matches the blue of the blouse almost perfectly, and the whole outfit seemed to fall together when I dyed my hair a shade up.
The blouse has such adorable alphabet embroidery in light blue, aqua and white. I think it might be a children's blouse as it's pretty tight (and kind of unflattering tbh, but that doesn't bother me!) and has a weird sizing label. It only set me back £4 and it's just so cute!
I did really like this colour initially, but I've gone off it a lot now & I'm pretty sure I'll be going back to pink/lilac soon. It was a good experiment though and I'm glad I did it, just so I could see what it was like having sea monster hair for a little while. Also, it matches my glittery blue eyeliner exactly! FYI, I used Bleach London dye (available in Boots) in Washed Up Mermaid mixed with conditioner but it still came out pretty bright. The colour has lasted quite a long time but it's pretty patchy as it develops so quickly on your hair.
Next post is going to be featuring my Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop pieces, eek! Prepare yourself now for some next level twee-ness.


  1. I love your blouse, so, so sweet and perfectly matches the blue of your skirt and your hair

  2. That blouse is so sweet- love the alphabet detail <3
    Can't wait to see Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop pieces styled by you too! :)

  3. Ahh I love your hair! So pretty <3

  4. Ive done this colour before.. its kinda hard to get out but definantly a fun change. I love your eyeliner too so cute! xx

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  6. I love that colour so much! Totally want to dip dye mine in the same way! :)

  7. Love your blog <3


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