Thursday, 19 September 2013

All that glitters.

In my last post I said I was going to do a details piece on a dress I bought recently. As you might know about me, I am a huge Meadham Kirchhoff groupie and a few months ago I managed to pick up one of the pieces from their Topshop collection (relatively) cheap on ebay.
Here it is! I love the shape of it, and how it really hasn't got a shape at all. I like that it isn't trying desperately to be flattering, I have such a growing dislike for all the (mainly male, mainly high end) designers who talk about wanting to fit a woman's shape in a flattering way. It just feels so, I don't know, such a boring and restrictive way to look at dressing. It's much more fun to not care about that at all (not to mention it's so male gaze-y for designers to think that way!).
The layered, jagged skirt.
Sleeve detail with beading and sequins.
I love these little glitter discs! They remind me of those white chocolate sweets with sprinkles you get in pick & mix places.
I like the layers here, and how you can see the glitter peeking through the thinner parts of the lace.
I love the really excessive portions of sequins there are, they look almost like fish scales or like, a cool skin disease or something. I like how they're matte instead of shiny, it's a bit more unusual. A wry nod to decadence, to be shiny would be too much, but there's so many of them that it's kind of too much anyway. (A good kind of too much)
A sleeve.

I love all the unfinished edges and how it looks almost ragged. The mix of the opulence and the ripped, jagged edges is really interesting I think.

The back of the bodice. I like how it almost looks like a contour map.
I'm moving back to Sheffield for my second year on Monday so I'm not sure how often I'll be posting, I will try though. I want to write something about Meadham Kirchoff's SS14 collection because I have a lot of thoughts about it (like, why only white models?) and I want to put them all somewhere.
See you all soon!


  1. Oh my goodness!! How beautiful!!

  2. ahhh so gorgeous! love these photos and i am especially smitten with the glitter polka dots. xo

  3. That dress is sooo pretty!

  4. Oh it's lovely! You should do an outfit post once you wear it :)

  5. what a gorgeous dress! I love Meadham Kirchoff... good luck with your 2nd year of uni!xx

  6. Love it! It kinda looks like mori girl mixed with the great gatsby!


  7. Such a beautiful piece! Meadham Kirchoff brings out the most amazing collections!

  8. The way you describe clothes is just so intimate and lovely, like it feels like I am actually wearing the dress when you write about it. Is that a really weird thing to say?! o.O

    And eep I am a huge Meadham fan myself, I have the freaky flurorescent doll t-shirt from their s/s 2012 topshop collection which is everything to me.



    p.s it makes me so happy that you put Rizzo and Frenchie as your idols!! Grease is the bestest <3

  9. Love the dress! Sometimes it's nice to buy something that's for a REALLY special occasion, jus so you can gaze at it in the wardrobe! x

  10. It's like a gorgeous tattered doily. Love it.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  11. This dress is perfect, love the details! :3

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