Friday, 15 February 2013

A cautionary tale

So, I have a new purchase to show you! After seeing a certain jumper in Marlena's wishlist post, I put it straight onto my Christmas list (well, when my dad asked what I'd like, I said this!), and I was incredibly lucky as I did indeed get it as a present!
Even if you hadn't peeked ahead to the picture, I'm sure if you've been following me for a while you must have guessed it probably had something to do with Meadham Kirchhoff (aka my Valentines <3 a="" although="" am="" amp="" around="" as="" at="" been="" bit="" but="" categorisations="" colour="" constantly="" cooking="" curries="" enjoying="" foods="" for="" have="" i="" in="" is="" its="" jumper="" kind="" love="" m="" me="" more="" mother="" my="" of="" other="" p="" pure="" queen="" room="" says="" scarily="" staining="" sweatshirt="" swishing="" textile="" think="" this.="" this="" to="" tricky="" uni="" wear="" which="" white="" with="">
Jumper - Meadham Kirchhoff at Amazon, skirt - Topshop sale (aeons ago), necklace - gift (Accessorize), headscarf - vintage fair, tights - Topshop.
AAAAHHHHH. I love it too much! It's so warm too, which is amazing because I am so not a jumper person normally. I haven't really experimented with outfits to go with it yet, mainly because I think this one really works as the colours in my (somewhat trademark now, I guess) headscarf seems to match with the pretty unicorn design.
Too happy by far.
PS. I am scheduling a post for after this one, so hopefully there will be more regular updates on here!
PPS. I have dyed my hair pink again, yay! It did it myself too, and it actually came out alright. It is definitely my favourite colour, I will be saying goodbye to lilac for a while now I think!


  1. ahhh what an amazing jumper, I love Meadham Kirchhoff! xx

  2. Lovely outfit as always! The tights and spotty skirt combo is gorgeous! xx

  3. OMG YOU GOT THE SWEATER! *o* I love how you styled it! <3

  4. that jumper is so fab! oh my goodness i think it is actually the most beautiful jumper i have ever seen, i am so jealous! x

  5. What a lovely sweater!

  6. Love that hairstyle!
    Jillian -

  7. love it!
    take a look at my blog ;)


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