Monday, 5 November 2012

Vomit pink

Hello! I'm trying to get back into blogging again, and now I'm on reading week I have a little more time than usual to fit it in, which is good! I also have quite a few deadlines flying about, and lots of things to do, but here we are! I bought a jumper from H&M last week, and I thought I would show you my favourite outfit I've put it with so far;
(Sorry for the slightly poor image quality! My good camera, tripod & remote are all at home.)
This, strangely, is a very H&M-centric outfit, the jumper, skirt & blouse are all from there, although I did get the blouse in a charity shop!
The jumper is so cute! It's a pale pink with blue, green, yellow and darker pink glittery threads running through it, and it is the perfect accompaniment to my Glinda necklace!
H&M skirt, buttons changed by me.
My hair is such a funny colour now, I think the shampoo I washed it with yesterday washed some of the colour out & made it go a bit yellowy, which kind of sucks as I was hoping the purple would last until December. It does go very well with my pom pom headband though!
Embroidery DIY detail.
1. I have joined the uni women's magazine, which sounds really amazing! I've had to send off a 500 word piece for them about "switching seasons" for fashion, and the entertainment team want a little paragraph about what my favourite song says about me. The fashion piece was a bit tricky as I basically just wear the same things all year round with slightly thicker tights on, but I think it went alright. The editor is so lovely & she seems to really like me, which is brilliant! She writes for a music magazine & I was talking to her about bands & happened to mention my favourite band (Slow Club) were from Sheffield, and she seemed really interested, I think we might even be doing a piece with them, and maybe AN INTERVIEW which would be so cool, except I'm not sure if I would be getting that, but fingers crossed! Woops, long sentence is long.
2. I'm hopefully going to be re-opening my shop in a couple of weeks for the Christmas trade, I will let you all know when that happens! I'm really looking forward to it as I miss my little trips to the Post Office.
3. I'm going to a vintage hair & make up tutorial session tomorrow with the Burlesque Society, which will hopefully be amazing! I'm really hoping to learn how to roll my fringe under (a la Betty bangs), I'm so excited! Two of my friends are coming up this weekend & we're going to a big burlesque show, which will be really cool! I might try & take some pictures (:
See you soon.


  1. You look so lovely! I love your jumper, and the detailing on your collar is absolutely adorable! xxx

  2. i always get so excited when i see you have a new post on my dashboard! i love your outfit- especially the glinda necklacke oh my goodness it's too fab <3 <3

  3. Your badge is amazing. Did you make it? Also, I really like the colour of your hair. I tried to get mine to a light grey colour last year but I was just too impatient!

    1. If you mean my necklace, no I didn't! I bought it about three years ago from a boutiquey shop in Affleck's Palace in Manchester. I really wish I'd bought the whole range at the time!

  4. Love your collar details and Glinda necklace!
    xo, Tori

  5. I love your Glinda necklace! You look like cotton candy in this outfit, in the best way.


  6. beautiful jumper, I really love how it matches your hair and the headband! xx

  7. Oh I love this, pastel heaven! x

  8. This outfit is gorgeous, I really love the detail on your blouse :)

  9. You'd better take some pics after your vintage styling session!
    Happy to see you blogging again :)

  10. Love that sweater so very much. I just followed you and cannot wait to see more of what you have to post. I really love your style.

    <3 Melissa

  11. Just found your blog dear. Love your jumper so much!

    Hope you'll visit me, I will be so grateful :)
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  12. hi! i just found your blog through some google search and i'm kind of a little bit in love with you, you are SO AWESOME. okay, that is all. i'm going to go now before i get weird haha :-) xx

  13. Great outfit! That jumper is super dreamy *.* I love your pompom crown too! <3

  14. You're possibly the coolest person ever... women's magazine, hair posts, burlesque society!? So cool. And your jumper is awesome. I think I might be in love with you... ha :) x

  15. wow, that jumper is so cute. and that headpiece, I am having a little rave in my head about how cool it is, and awesome with your hair colour!! Love love love!


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