Friday, 30 January 2009


one of the most important things in life to me is music.
i listen to it pretty much constantly.
new, old, ancient or rediscovered - i love it all.
i love it when my friends send me songs or lend me cds that they think i'll like. i don't know why but it makes me feel like i'm in some special kind of musicy-sharing club.
i know, i know, i am quite the dork sometimes.
i read somewhere that when people listen to songs, women listen to the lyrics more and men listen to the music. i think this makes a LOT of sense, because when i talk to guys about music they tend to talk about guitar solos & drum solos etc, whereas women say how much they love the words in a song.
this might not be true, but i totally agree with it. i love singing along to songs & i really can't stand it when i don't know the words. seriously, the first thing i do when i buy a cd is read the little insert of the lyrics.
my new year's resolution (well, it's really more of an aim) is to listen to "broaden my musical horizons".
it sounds pretentious i know, but i can't think of any other way to put it.
so far - with a mixture of friends, family & my own exploration - i've listened to these albums since 31st of december 2008:
alas, i cannot swim - laura marling
the chronicles of a bohemian teenager - get cape. wear cape. fly
slow train moving - bob dylan
we sing. we dance. we steal things - jason mraz
songs for you, truths for me - james morrison
inbetween dreams - jack johnson
12x5 - the rolling stones
sticky fingers - the rolling stones
unplugged - eric clapton
help! - the beatles
please please me - the beatles
rubber soul - the beatles
i don't think that's too bad as we're only 30 days into the year, 52 albums is my goal.
i'll keep updating the list.
recommendations are very very welcome.

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